Rahul Gandhi’s rallies are Superhit while Modi’s roadshows are dull.

People of many different sections who were totally away from Congress for last 22 years have started looking up to the party.

But then there are full 30 days and even more for Gujarat assembly polls from Oct. 2017.

Modi & team can and will use biggest weapon Hindu Vs Muslim differences to take the tide it’s way.

Congress must not rely on one caste Patidar and One Leader Hardik Patel.

Infact Congress must not just depend only on leaders Aplesh Thakor and Jignesh Mevani but “go beyond them”.

Goa assembly elections had big Anti-bjp wave although bjp still got better vote percentage but then Congress got better seats than BJP.

Congress lost the chance to Power in Goa when it sat complacent and thought where would the Power go but to Congress only.

Congress must be alert in Gujarat till a Congress person takes oath as Chief Minister of Gujarat a long 22 years after 1995 when Congress was last time in Power.

Media is trying to create division in Gujarat Congress by prompting contenders for CM post.When they project Bharat Singh Solanki,Shakti Sinh Gohil,Arjun Modhavadia as contenders.Do not fall in trap of Media.

Do not restrict to a few castes and Minority which could make Congress in trouble.

Gujrat observers now say for the first time after 1995 there is a two way contest in Gujarat or else it was one way.

Goa taught that mere anti-bjp vote will not get Majority in polls.

It must be a pro-congress wave in State assembly elections,Only then Congress will get Majority in assembly elections.

There is a lot of distress in OBC as well as in Dalits and Tribals.

OBCs are attracted by BJP as Modi himself is OBC.

Not just get restricted to Alpesh Thakor but to all OBCs.

Jignesh Mevani in Dalits would be a Help but reach out to Dalits.

Same way reaching out to Tribals is a must.

But do not ignore Brahmans who are in anger about Haren Pandya.

Do not ignore Vaishya as they are in anger due to GST implementation.

Congress must talk positive about it’s achievements as Congress govt till 1995.

What would be Congress plan to tackle Unemployment and create more jobs?

How would farmers get justice if Congress is elected?

How would small traders get relief from atrocious GST by BJP?

Congress must produce a positive wave in it’s favour in Gujarat.

We have a month and more left.

This is battle of nerves.

Loss is Gujarat would make Mr.Modi out of Politics altogether,so he can go to highest to lowest level to get that.

Congress party reach out to all people of Gujarat and let  positive wave make Congress to Power to Serve in Gujarat.

Congress be party for,by and of Gujaratis.




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