India Today a leading media group in India recently debugged the Twitter popularity of Indian leaders. They found that @OfficeOfRG, the official twitter handle of Rahul Gandhi (since he doesn’t have a personal one) got 2,784 re-tweets in September on “average”, which is 278 re-tweets higher than all popular PM Modi. On an average Modi got 2,506 re-tweets and on the other hand, Delhi CM and self-proclaimed corruption crusader Arvind Kejriwal got 1,722. They also claim @officeOfRG is even gaining larger traction in October with 3,812 re-tweets so far.

Since September, Rahul Gandhi’s statements and tweets have drawn several BJP leaders, including cabinet ministers, to make a counter-response. PM Modi has also directly taken on him but with the usual and old narrative of “60 years of Congress rule”.

And Rahul Gandhi is subjected to issue-based rebuke on his attack on the government, a panic ALARM for the opponents. The last quarter of 2017 is the most crucial period in the run-up to 2019 general elections (if not preponed)

Not sure if New India is born but for the Congress, they have got a new Rahul Gandhi a leader and not a rebel within his own party.



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