BJP President Mr.Amit Shah trying in vain to persuade it’s cadres that drop of GDP to 5.7% is a Technical issue is not a way out.

Modi govt said that Demonitisation and later on hurried implementation of a flawed GST would lead to “Achhe din” that people of the country are waiting from last 40 months.

But reality is otherwise as Small and Medium level business has Hit a bottom rock and GST has only added to their problems.

The industrial growth has shown a downward journey in last three years of Modi govt.

Manufacturing sector has seen a negative growth.

The biggest one–Modi had promised 2 Crore jobs per year,leave 2 crores or 1 crore or even 50 lakhs,A few lakhs jobs that were existing,perished due to Demonitisation.

Dr.Raghuram Rajan,Ex-Head of RBI had already warned about disadvantages of this move and this is the reason why Modi govt had waited to get him retire and put up their own puppet as RBI Head.

Bullet train which was proposed and signed during UPA Govt is repackaged as THE Great Move by Modi govt.

Bullet train could be a showcase and no one opposes it now but then this is not the achievement which could be shown to raise jobs now and certainly not to Middle&Poor Classes.

There is lot of resentment against Modi govt by it’s economic priorities in youths as one can see Congress rejuvenating in the form of its Student’s wing NSUI winning elections in Rajasthan,Punjab and Top posts in Delhi University.

Youths are desperate and saddened by the economic policy’s of Modi govt which is  not even doing jobless growth but infact jobless downslide.

Farmers are suffering like never before with Modi govt’s priorities are to waiver Loans of Rich people.Farmer’s suicides have grown many folds during Modi govt.

BJP govt in Uttar Pradesh has made Mockery of Farmer’s Loan waiver by waving loan as low as 87 paise to a few ₹.But then U.P.govt had promised loan waiver to the tune of ₹One lakh to small and margin waiver.

All this disenchantment against Modi govt would lead to the scenario of 2004 Loksabha elections as we remember there was a lot of “Feel Good” and “India Shining” at that time from Media to every corner there were thousands of crores spent and trumpeting that Atal Bihari govt is winning in 2004 Loksabha elections.

Infact Atal Bihari govt propagated–“TINA There is No Alternative”.

But Alas! BJP poor chaps Big Shock for them as 2004 Loksabha elections saw BJP getting defeated.

Same type of defeat awaits Modi govt in next loksabha polls with some saying that Modi govt may prepone Loksabha polls scheduled in April 2019 to six months before that.

Not just this Modi govt would like to have assembly polls in Most if not all BJP ruled states and many states ruled by it’s allies to create a big Hallo again around Modi and have taste of Modi wave as they saw again in next loksabha polls like 2014 loksabha polls to win this time as well.

Some people now say that biggest enemy of Modi govt and Modi’s next loksabha poll campaign would be the Promises made by Modi during 2014 Loksabha elections which are not at all fulfilled infact nothing has been done for common man.





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