Rahul Gandhi’s Speech in University of California, Berkeley and the Conversation that followed was no lesser than signaling the raise of a Leader to the post of Prime Minister of India.

Rahul Gandhi’s candid admission that UPA govt under Congress party lost it’s path and arrogant crept in around 2012 was an honest confession.

Infact 2009 Loksabha polls saw Rahul gandhi giving candidacy to people from middle and lower middle classes among the cadres and thus Congress as a party could reach 200+seats in Loksabha first time after coalition era (Post 1990s) in a Consecutive Central govt.

Infact these Loksabha MPs who got elected could project the party and Leadership of Rahul gandhi which could give power to Common man both inside and outside Parliament.

But then UPA 2 came in grip of some big leaders who were arrogant as Rahul gandhi has rightly pointed out which maligned the image of the govt to such level that resulted in worst defeat of Loksabha polls 2014.

Rahul gandhi has correctly said that lack of communication by the leaders in Power with Common Public lead to disruption and thus gap which is never part in a democracy.

Actually Loksabha 2009 results could have been enhanced to a full majority govt by Congress in next elections but for the attitude and acts of many ministers and lawmakers in that govt of UPA 2.

When asked about Congress party’s thought process Rahul gandhi responded like her grandmother that Congress is neither left nor right but walks straight and tall.

This should give an insight to many leaders who have made Congress as party of a few from 2009-14 with an over bend of left to ultra left and a kind of appeasement which saw it’s worse condition today.

Rahul Gandhi’s diplomatic triumph lies in praising Prime Minister on a foreign land which BJP could not digest and took it reverse while this made many positive vibes for Congress party and Rahul gandhi henceforth in sections which got cut off from Congress party in 2014 Loksabha elections.

Infact BJP could not understand as to how could an opposition leader that too Rahul gandhi can praise PM Modi and it came as shock to them.

RSS could sense that Modern thinkers have made a positive response to Rahul Gandhi’s speech in UC Berkeley.Even fundamentalists attached to RSS could see a “Sense and Maturity with Future thinking”in Rahul gandhi’s speech of UC Berkeley.

Infact BJP got in to the Power with 31% votes in 2014 loksabha elections.But it had got 19% around in 2009 that means the fundamentalist votes only.

But in 2014 Loksabha polls,BJP could take away Modern thinking population as well to it’s side which could be said to be another 11% that means fundamentalist vote 20% and Modern thinking population 11%=20+11=31%.So,with this vote percentage BJP could get absolute Majority of 282 seats.

Rahul gandhi could also have this in mind that out of 282 seats which BJP got in 2014 Loksabha polls 190 seats are from Hindi speaking areas while 92 seats are from Non-Hindi speaking areas.

So,Focus on both Hindi and Non-Hindi speaking areas equally.

Not just fundamentalist but even Modern thinkers those who are never fundamentalist in nature,did not like the way UPA 2 govt was running in it’s last years.

Rahul gandhi has set priorities for himself and for the Congress party that Congress would be neither right-wing nor left-wing but straight catering to every caste,creed,faith,section and thinking of the Indian Society.

Rahul gandhi is getting ready to take the Command of Congress party and by this speech in UC Berkeley,Rahul gandhi has successfully proved himself as Leader of the world who could take India to a greater heights.

Rahul gandhi has to make a good team combining youthful energy and meaningful leaders from Mature age.

Rahul gandhi must emulate his formula of 2009 loksabha where he gave more power to Common people from Middle and Lower Middle classes to the ground level worker as well as on social media.

Rahul Gandhi with his vision,acts and commitments would be chosen as Prime Minister of India after Next Loksabha polls by the people of India.



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