Congress party’s strength lies in Social Media and Ground Work.

Defeating BJP in a state where Congress is not in Power for last 22 years is a big challenge.

Social Media will play a big part same way as ground work is important as well.

All workers of BJP including the psychological weapons which were not used much in last 20 years by BJP would be out now as it is Do or Die for both BJP and Congress in Gujarat polls.

Amit shah&BJP IT Cell will play rumour mills against Congress.

AAP party will only add comfort level to BJP.So do other opposition parties as well.

Social Media must never be ignored by Congress.

This does not mean Social websites only but even fake videos, rumours and many more dirty tricks by BJP.

Prompt rebuttal must be done by Congress party on any rumour and fake story generated by BJP IT Cell.

Any irresponsible statement and act by any Congress party member which can affect Gujarat polls in Gujarat or anywhere in the country would be used and misused even manipulated by BJP.

Official statements by Congress party on all issues concerning Gujarat polls directly or indirectly must be a daily affair as any misconception must not be created in the minds of people by BJP.

Facebook and Twitter accounts of prominent personalities from Congress party directly related to Gujarat polls must be fully active and responsive till the elections are completed.

Involvement and suggestions from common workers and general public must be addressed by Congress party and Personalities related to Gujarat polls for next 100 days.

Different sections of the society related to various castes and sections General,OBC, Dalit,Tribal and Minorities must have access to Congress party and it’s leadership directly through social media forum and even at ground level.

Ground workers of Congress party in Gujarat must be given prominence by party leadership and must never be ignored.

Social Media and IT Cell of Congress party must be fully active and involving from nowon till Gujarat elections are completed.

Gujarat fight is a mighty one and BJP is not taking any chances.

Congress must be cautious as well.



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