Mr.Rahul Gandhi’s–Gujarat Samvad Program has sown the seeds to Congress party’s path to Victory in this year’s Gujarat assembly polls.

There are many challenges from BJP and within Congress party in Gujarat that Congress party has to overcome.

Congress party must not give too much importance to one caste/category and  ignore others as this will be harmful to them.

There are challenges and obstacles from many known and unknown sources as well for Congress party.

BJP is on a downslide in Gujarat even PM and Mr.Amit Shah knows this very well and offcourse all BJP leaders of Gujarat and above all even RSS knows it.

So,they are free to play any dirty trick to favour the situation towards them.

There would not be just Congress and BJP but many more players in Gujarat polls this time obviously to Help BJP.

These other forces would be in form of AAP,NCP, Mulayam Singh and  Off course Media etc.

Mufflerman from Delhi would start AAP party campaign this say–“Ji!Congress and BJP are both Corrupt Ji.So,Vote for AAP Ji.Satendra Jain’s Corruption is an exception Ji”.

Then AAP would Come out with fake and bogus survey stating AAP would get 150+ seats out of total 182,when they know AAP can’t get even one seat.

AAP would focus on Urban voters and go beyond Vaishya and Patidar votes to woo even Dalit and Muslim votes.

Then there would NCP to attract voters especially in areas bordering Maharashtra with Gujarat.

I would personally say that Congress should sever it’s ties with NCP in Maharashtra and anywhere in India as NCP is always in search of damaging Congress party votes than others.

Then again we will have Loksabha MP from Hyderabad trying to attract Muslims and Dalits as well.

Last but not least even Samajwadi party’s Founder can jump in these polls to have some votes to damage against Congress in OBC and Muslim.

And some other parties and persons are not ruled out.

All this would be to take away some pie in Congress votes,thus,directly helping BJP.

Then BJP would try it’s hacking tricks on EVM as even alleged by others.

Even if VVPAT is attached to all EVMs,Would there be still a chance to hack them is a big question which haunts and must be answered by Election Commission.

Emotional Outbursts and Dramas of RSS would go on.

Above all Mainstream Media would be showing favourable conditions and can show all 182 assembly seats in to BJP’s kitty.Media would make any favourable news for Congress as minor and ignore it altogether and make any BJP’s unfortunate news to BJP’s favour.

Fake news on YouTube, Facebook, Videos, Still pics and every time chance to trigger a communal riots would be probably higher this time.

Above all Famous dialogues–Crackers in Pakistan and many more.

So,Congress party in Gujarat has to be very cautious and sensible for next three months from now on.


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