Mr.Rahul gandhi has chalked out a Master strategy to win Gujarat assembly elections this year end.

While the Modified Media has started giving 150+ seats to BJP now itself.We will not surprised that same media would even 182+ seats to BJP nearing poll dates while the total number of legislative assembly constituencies are 182 only.

Jokes apart,Congress will have to make A great strategy to win these polls as Congress has been out of power for 22 long years.

2015 Municipal and Village Panchayat elections saw Congress winning in a big way over BJP.

Recent Victory of Mr.Ahmed Patel in nail biting finish of  Rajyasabha polls has given boost to Congress leaders and workers.

Mr. Rahul gandhi has divided State Congress Election Committee in four zones.

Now the General Dos and Donts which Gujarat Congress have to follow—


  • Congress must present itself as a positive alternative of BJP govt and Gujarat sufferings as Congress was away from Power for 22 years.
  • Congress must show example of all round development in a Congress state which Gujarat lacked.
  • Congress leaders must invoke Una incident and atrocities on dalits in Gujarat every now and then in their meetings.
  • Congress must pay tribute to youths killed in Patidar agitation in all those dominated areas of Saurashtra,North Gujarat and Surat City.
  • Congress leadership must pay tribute to Late Haren Pandya,A brahman leader killed as Modi was CM.
  • Congress must pay attention to concerns of Thakor&other OBCs.
  • Congress must take to concern of problems of Tribals in their areas.
  • Congress must talk about concerns of Merchants and their rally in Surat on opposing GST.
  • Set agenda and let BJP reply on it rather getting engulfed in agenda set by Modi,Amit shah,BJP and RSS.
  • Congress must make people believe that Present CM Vijay Rupani is a puppet and Gujarat does not deserve neither him nor the party which has imposed him on them.
  • Address Local issues of the place where there is Congress rally.


  • Never attack Mr.Narendra Modi personally as BJP would raise Gujarati Pride or ગુજરાતી અસ્મિતા card on a son of soil becoming PM after remaining CM.
  • Never give too much importance to anyone caste or anyone leader who is not part of Congress,Example Hardik Patel and Patidar as BJP could brand elections as Patidar Vs others where they can make other upper castes,OBCs and Dalits to oppose Patidar Hegemony.
  • Never raise 2002 riots as elections issue or else BJP would make it Hindu Vs Muslim polls.
  • Do not allow leaders who have insulted Gujarat in to Congress’s campaign like Akhilesh yadav who insulted Gujratis by saying that they do not join Army.
  • Do not react to Emotional outbursts to anyone from BJP and RSS.
  • Do not give tickets to those who are defamed and not liked in their assembly constituencies.
  • Do not react to each and every trick of BJP.

These are many more should be kept in mind.

Remember this is Life or Death for Modi and Shah in Gujarat polls as they will try every dirty trick in their bags.

If U.P. elections were Exam of RSS then these Gujarat polls are test for Modi and Shah as National Leaders.

So,Congress has to be extra cautious and win Gujarat assembly elections which will pave way for it’s victory in next Loksabha polls.


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