Next Loksabha elections will see Problems of farmers along with employment as biggest concern for incumbent central government.
Modi promised 50% increase in Minimum support Price to Farmers in 2014 loksabha elections which is still unfulfilled.
On the worse, Farmer’s suicides have increased in Modi govt.and under various BJP state govts.

UPA Congress govt at Centre did Complete Loan Waiver in 2008.

Later,Mr.Rahul gandhi did constructive efforts and the nation could have Land Acquisition Law to protect lands of farmers in rural areas.
Modi govt tried it’s best and even brought ordinances to weaken this law to give lands to Rich people, However they could not get success due to efforts of Mr.Rahul gandhi.

Today Central govt and BJP govts of Chattisgarh and Jharkhand are trying to weaken Land’s laws to take away lands of Tribals in these states.

Modi govt’s PMFBY Crop insurance scheme is a Big Flop as Private Insurance companies are minting money from farmers.

Loan waivers announced recently by BJP govts in U.P. and Maharashtra are restricted to minimal number of farmers and are partial in nature.

There is a proposal by Congress party to have Loan Waiver as  promise in ensuing Gujarat assembly polls.

Modi govt does not want to help state govts in loan Waiver but asks states to arrange funds for themselves.

While Loan Waiver of Rich &Corporates are done by public sector banks under Modi govt.

Congress sets target of small and marginal farmers for Loan waiver.

Congress envisages that Central govt under it’s party gives Loan waiver at Central level as well as funds state govts for this.

If Congress is able to convince people about Total Loan waiver of small and marginal farmers then Congress party will get full support of farmers in all states in assembly and next loksabha elections.


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