The biggest drawback which could lead to a surprise defeat of Modi govt at Centre in the next loksabha polls could be the problem of–Unemployment!

Neither Demonitisation nor GST implementation could lure youths who have No Employment.

Infact Demonitisation has taken away lakhs of jobs.

Unemployment rate is at the highest in recent years today.

Statistics shown by any government office does not convince the youths today.

BJP President Amit Shah’s statement that Modi govt has given Employment to 7 crore people in last three years is ridiculous.

Congress party is contemplating to have slogan of Employment or Unemployment allowance to have youths with them in the ensuing Gujarat assembly polls.It is known that this unemployment employment allowance would be around ₹4000 per month.

If Congress gets success in this then it must put through the same promise before youths in next Loksabha polls and other state assembly polls.

There should be either Employment given by Congress govt or else Unemployment allowance.

At the Central level this unemployment allowance can range from lower to higher range from ₹4 to ₹10 thousand per month where lower range could be in smaller towns & villages to higher range in Metropolitan cities.Same or similar parameters could be applied by State govts. as well.

Same way, Minimum wages for an employed person should range from Minimum ₹14 to ₹18 thousand per month from smaller to bigger cities.

All these schemes would be linked to Aadhar of the person,So,No room for any foul play nor any type of discrimination by anyone.

Infact this Minimum wages and Employment or Allowance scheme would be like MNREGA part-2 which would attract skilled people of lower-middle&middle classes.

  • This would attract a lot of youths to Congress as the youths are fed up with empty jumlas & fruitless words of Modi govt.Apart from this Farmer’s problem which would be covered in another post by me.


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