Committee of Parliament on Official Language headed by P.Chidambaram recommendation was accepted by President Pranab Mukherjee on 31st March 2017

Committee Recommendation was biggest genocide against all Indian Languages except Hindi

It is also a very big threat to the all Non Hindi speaking states in Union, to prevent them from using English as a connecting language

According to this Committee report

  1. Important dignitaries like President, Prime Minister, Union Ministers and others must need to speak in Hindi, if they know Hindi
  2. 50% of the Government Advertisements must need to be in Hindi even in Non Hindi States
  3. Department of Official Language should make their monitoring machinery more effective and should pay special attention on increasing the percentage of Hindi correspondence in Ministry/Department. It should not decrease.
  4. The Committee also recommends that Hindi posts lying vacant in various offices may be filled without delay.
  5. Ministry of Human Resource Development should make serious efforts to make Hindi Language compulsory in curriculum. As a first step, Hindi should be made a compulsory subject upto tenth standard in all schools of CBSE and Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan.

These recommendations Imposing Hindi over Non Hindi States to prevent them from communicating with Union in English and making way to Use Hindi only with Union

Some recommendation like “Knowledge of Hindi is mandatory for Union Government employee” was rejected by President. However the motive behind the recommendation was well known to everyone, It’s a warning bell to everyone in future Knowledge of Hindi  may be mandatory to become Union Government Employee

Article 16 of the Indian Constitution guarantees equality of opportunity in matters of public employment and prevents the State from discriminating against anyone in matters of employment on the grounds only of religion, race, caste, sex, descent, place of birth, place of residence or any of them.

But Government itself going against Basic feature of the Constitution and making discrimination against it own citizens (Non Hindi) and treating them as to feel inferior if they don’t know Hindi

Government itself wants to destroy the basic structure of the Constitution and Federal feature of the Country

In Education,Employement,Government Offices,Bank,Post Office related Services, Railway Station,Airports like Public Transport Facilities ,Even in Temple of Democracy Parliament Projecting One Language Hindi as Primariy is Political Violence against more than 70% Non Hindi speaking people in the Country

Diversity is the identity of Our India with various Languages,Religions,Cultures,Traditions and others without preserving it,Present BJP led Union Government aggressively destroying Plurality and making Oneness identity into Hindustan, Hindu, Hindi




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