My letter can be jettisoned by you in no time. And it’s open to all interpretations. But in aftermath of discarding such applications, please refrain in future from encouraging the country’s youth to step in the organization for bringing a positive change. At times it’s painful for us to see Congress party struggling to market productive agendas, propagate its viewpoints or Congress heavyweights running short of arguments in front of BJP leaning journalists. It’s abstruse as to why Congress fails to effectively proliferate your revolutionary vision of bringing more transparency and accountability in power sharing. Your vision of assigning responsibilities to the youth brigade of the country can be a panacea in restoring Congress’s popularity. But Alas! The plans for Renaissance still seem to be in cold storages. I shall like to end by echoing my sentiments: It’s the need of the hour to invite personalities who can brand Congress once again the true Messiah of common people and an aspiration for tomorrow’s youth. By this, I don’t mean these newcomers should be handed over the entire charges assigned to the old cadre, but takers made available to proposers. The fiery speeches of the young orators can certainly not be a substitute of the calm and composed demeanor of the veterans. The innovative ideas of youth and experience enriched wisdom of the senior leaders put together can be a precursor of Congress Party breaking all records of Electoral electioneering.

Note: Flattery or any degree of adulation for the recipient has been strictly avoided because these means shouldn’t be resorted to if there already exists profound love and respect for you in our hearts.

With high regards,
Sharfayab ‎


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