It has been over a month since many students of G.B. Pant Engineering College(GBPEC) In South Delhi Okhla have been spending the night in their classroom. The highly talented students of GBPEC who secure the highest rank in the GGGSIP University entrance are putting the below-mentioned realities by their unique struggle.

They said considered to following facts.
1-The classrooms available in the college are not suitable for Attending the lecture.
2- There is not enough space for a suitable laboratory.
3-The college does not have an auditorium.
4-The college does not have Playground.

Regarding this, the students had sent many letters to Hon’ble Chief Minister of Delhi to come and review but he had not come to the campus.
After attempts to approach the Delhi Government Including, The Delhi CM and not receiving any support the assistant professor JosJil K Abraham went on to hunger strike to support the students cause.

It seems the Delhi CM is busy with the MCD elections because. Till today the Professor is on his 16th day of fasting. Abraham who has been on a hunger strike protesting the institute conditions was then “FORCIBLY” taken to AIIMS hospital against his will.
The Students say ” The media is far from the truth. They only will post anything about those issues from which they can earn money.

But Abraham doesn’t feel alone.There are still Many people in India who believe in truth. The Majority of Indian People are with you. Go Ahead and stay strong Those people who believe in truth they Are with u! Thank god Rahul Gandhi showed his concern by attending the professor. At least there are few who really listen to the voice of a common man”


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