Mahe is a small district of Puducherry UT which is surrounded by Kerala. The total area of Mahe is 9km.sq and population is around 43,000. But now Mahe has become famous for Alcohol. The cost of liquors is comparatively 3 times lesser than that of Kerala.

The main consumers of Mahe liquors are Keralites. The Bars in Kerala were closed by the previous UDF government after that the flow of people increased day by day. Many people migrated to Mahe low-cost leisure liquid. When we go for a walk through the streets of Mahe, We can see many lives destroyed by Liquor. Most of them have left their home for liquor and settled in Mahe to drink throughout their life. They will stop drinking only when there is no alcohol in Mahe. The ladies in Mahe can’t even walk through the roads because of the disturbance made by the drunkards.

Sales at Mahe’s retail and wholesale outlets shoots up during the annual Onam festival, the longest drinking vacation for Keralites. Kerala, whose per capita alcohol consumption is the highest among all the Indian States and double the national average, is slowly retreating.

There are around 70 bars in Mahe. Most of the bars got their license in 1980.In 1980 when 35 shops were given license, K.V.Raghavan (CPIM) was the M.L.A. And last 26 years there was no new bars allotted in Mahe and people of Mahe are really thank full to E.Valsaraj a Former MLA for his hard work in stopping Liquor Shops.

Now the people of Mahe have a small relief, Honorable Supreme Court ordered to remove bars along the National Highways. And now 32 bars in Mahe were closed due to this order.


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