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1. Shuja please tell us about yourself, your political position and the work you are abide to do for your political party.

Thanks, Zozo, for such a warm welcome and the opportunity for an interaction.I’m Md Shujaullah Khan politically  known as Shuja Gandhi and I’m born in 1983. Eldest among the two brothers and a sister, I hail from kesaria – a small place in  Champaran (Bihar) known for world tallest Buddha stuppa. I have done my schooling from Emmanuel School (Motihari) & Aligarh Public School (Aligarh). I have completed my B.Sc (Industrial Micro-Biology) Degree From Bhim Rao Ambedkar University Muzafarpur (Bihar).

I always believed in Congress Ideology since my childhood and today I am proud to be part of Indian National Congress and presently serving as State Coordinator (AAKS), INDIAN YOUTH CONGRESS. I began my Political career in 1998 when I was in Class 10th, where I joined national Students Union of India (NSUI).

I’m working in Indian youth congress as

I am meeting with the people. I want to understand their problems. I want to establish the foundation of a relationship that I hope will be a long-term one. I want our relationship to be mutually helpful.

Aam Aadmi Ka Sipahi always tries to solve the problems of common people. We should not function as political soldiers but merely as soldiers of Aam Aadmi.

Our Mission:-
“Guard the honour and fight for the rights of the common man”.

2. Why you joined politics? you are young and well educated, you have a bright career opportunity. Is it for power or fame? Or you really want to do “Jan Seva” (social work)?

To me, it’s, in fact, a ridiculous question. I am in politics
Because politics needs me and I need to politics so it’s a mutual
Requirement. Let me explain it further. Indian politics is lacking
Suitable candidates and youths like me are denied of opportunities to materialize the ideas of nation building. yes, you are Right. I am young educated as well. And sure I have a bright career for Sure. But do you think should I allow the politics in hands of old, Outdated, lack of any creative ideas, promoters of divisive elements and finally poorly educated people. No, i can’t. Whatever you call It. Greed for power or fame. Whatever but I think I’m entering into politics to canalize my vision and I’m sure one day my vision will contribute in making a better India. Yes, the moment someone starts
thinking to do something for others, it’s the 1st step towards social Work. Social work and politics should go hand in hand.

These lines r the essence of my life

“इस अँधेरे को रोशनी मे बदल देना है
हर उदास सरोवर को कमल देना है
वो जो फुटपाथ पे बैठा है देखो नंगे बदन
एक दिन उसको भी छोटा सा महल देना है”

3. Politics in India is always termed as “dirty”, according to you how this “dirty” can be changed to “good”?

Yes, Indian Politics is known for its dirty elements, Good and talented persons are really required to join politics. Their leadership will change the image of politicians among common mass. I would love to contribute to the improvement of our political system and its image and making it clean in a long journey. The way is long I’m just making my contribution. I’ll need more hands for the same but that’s not a problem let me start my part and rest will be assimilated with the passage of time.

4. After 26/11, the terror attacks on Mumbai, millions of Indians came out of their homes, they are not from any particular political parties but only as a common Indian citizen and expressed their anger and helplessness and protest against the government and politicians, do you think that people of India woke up? Is this awakening is a good sign for politicians?

In my opinion, it was a just quick response to atrocities thrust upon the common people. I am still suspicious that if the common citizenry of India has woke up. But yes it can be seen as a glimpse of some consciousness. I strongly believe that in an awakened society such acute problems can’t exist what we are facing today. Unfortunately, we have become habitual to tolerate, avoid troubles and not going for rectification measures. I don’t know whether its good or bad for politicians but if there is awakening in common citizenry its good for India and what is good for India is good for us and one thing I have to say We need to be more diplomatic and futuristic. War doesn’t solve the problem. If a Kargil takes us three years backward what may if war broke out especially in this situation when the world is facing financial blues. Where do we want to take India? We need to think. Emotions and anger are OK but it is not the solution.

5. It’s very common that at the time of election campaigns, politicians beg, request and bend to their knees, but as soon as they win the election they never even care to thank people, during all the time of power, their asset and weight both get increased. What do you think, are you going to make a different example?

Yes, I’ll. It’s all about changing the existing paradigm and norm of Indian politics. Until unless I don’t set another way of doing politics, I’m not going to be heard. Therefore that is going to be one of my primary concerns.

The kind of motivation I have will certainly not lead to abuse of power in any way, Even the woken up citizens would not undermine the quality of the person, unlike the previous time. More people will vote now and awareness about the right candidate would certainly spread.

6. My mother used to tell me the story of a king who used to come out in night hiding from everyone covering himself in a blanket, just to check how his people are, to see if everything is well or not. You could say that it is just a story, not a fact but still how nice the story is, can’t we have such a leader like the king of the story?

See the moral of the story is simply the care for the people. But there is a massive difference of time and circumstances. Probably the king would be the care taker of a very small territory where he could walk through at night…but that’s not possible when we have a country spread from Himalayan region to Indian ocean. If prime minister starts walking through foot I think his most of tenure will be consumed in just walking through the territory. But sure the element of care, vigilance must be there. Sure we can have leaders like the king in the story but it must be supplemented by the technological and manual support which has been evolved over the period of time.

7. Shuja, how can we change India and Indian politics? Please answer me as a common citizen who doesn’t belong to any political party.

See nobody can come up with a panacea for all problems. We all have to work upon it. But I think ensuring the entry of brighter minds in politics will really help in changing the existing contamination in the politics.

8 If you say that education and awareness are the very first step to craft the new and better India then tell me how you will educate and aware those majority of the Indians living in villages where they can’t even arrange their basic daily requirement? There are many villages of India where there are no electricity and water supplies.

When one talks of India.He/she must have in the mind that we have multiple Indias. There is one India which is no way non-comparable to any individual from developed countries but simultaneously we have another India which is still striving for basic needs. Therefore solution for different sets of people must be different. But one thing is common for all that everybody should have access to all basic needs and should have opportunities to express his/her caliber and more focus should be on the capacity building. Neither one can survive on stick support for long nor it can be offered. To achieve this goal both the government and common citizen will have to work together. Illiteracy, Energy scarcity, Poverty, Unawareness make a cycle. Even you hit at one party strongly the cycle would be broken. I shall be hitting at more than one factors at one time but I shall sharply focus on Illiteracy before I target anything else

9. My last question, tell me what will be your first step if you got appointed as a prime minister of India?

Let me become prime minister then I’ll reveal(..smile) Anyway if I get the mandate to be PM of the country, my foremost priority will be to be a man guided by my own rationale which should reflect the wish of 100 crore people. First of all, I will choose the important challenges faced by citizens of INDIA. For me, Terrorism, poverty, illiteracy and not so inclusive economic models are the most important things.
First, I shall invite suggestions about terrorism from administrative persons, politicians, and citizens and implement it with urgency and transparency.
Second, new inclusive economic models are formed after taking a review from social activist, social thinkers, economists and motivated politicians. It will be implemented with all honesty.
Third, Schools and colleges are overhauled as the old system is not geared for the new challenges of society. I will include suggestion from American and Indian academicians and implement in decentralized way.

I would make it mandatory to have Finger Print as mark of identification before entering & leaving India and would work on creating a national data base of all Indians with their Finger Prints and entry into any important complex Airport, Hotel can take place only after recognition of finger print including voting in elections so 1 person can vote only once, and this is very much possible.

Reporter: Thank you for sparing your time and answering my questions Shuja, it was nice talking to you. I wish you all the best for your political career and want to request you in only 3 words “Please Do Something

Shuja: Thanks to you for considering me eligible for the great hall of fame, it was very nice revealing me in front of anyone.have a wonderful time ahead.

My message to all: Fight Terrorism! Defeat opportunism and Expose divisive element of nation. Get united to save our beloved nation.
God Bless you zozo
Jai Hind


(Now Shuja Gandhi has a key responsibility in Indian National Congress (INC). You can reach him through twitter handle @ShujaGandhi)


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