On Feb 15, the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs announced that Neduvasal in Pudukottai district of Tamil Nadu is one of the 31 Discovered Small Fields designated for hydrocarbon extraction. Since then villagers in and around Neduvasal have been protesting that the central government withdraws the proposal. Neduvasal people protesting that by Govt will explore through Hydrocarbons Hydraulic Fracturing, reveal that they have learned about the possible ill effects of extraction from their youth working in the exploratory industries in the gulf. They take pride in the variety of crops that grow in their land and hence are in no mood to give up their lands either for money or for jobs. Even Contractor & Govt did not reveal “How are they going to explore/extract Hydrocarbons?”

Objections by Protestors

Protestors are saying that agriculture will be heavily impacted if extraction begins. They are also apprehensive that fertility of the land will be affected and groundwater will be contaminated.

There is also fear that there could be saline water intrusion if the sea water and ground water interface are disturbed.

Moreover, no agricultural activity can happen while the exploration is on and villages in and around Neduvasal are completely dependent on agriculture.

Need of Hydrocarbon

Hydrocarbons are compounds which contain hydrogen and carbon. They have high calorific value and can be used as fuel. Today, World’s 46% of Power need is solved through Hydro Carbons. They say they are not blindly against Hydro Carbon in this scientific world as we all need it.

Alternate Sources of Hydrocarbon

The Educated youngsters said “We Oppose “Hydraulic Fracturing”. We support Hydrocarbon only if it is done in a right way.We can extract hydrocarbon and also we can save agriculture, improve the quality of Farmer’s lives. And that worthless treasure is nothing but the GARBAGE.”

Many world countries including America, Germany, Sweden extract Hydro Carbon from Garbage. Sweden imports almost 10 tons of garbage for this extraction. The US uses an extraction process called ‘Land Fill’.

1 ton Garbage = 40 kg Methane = 2 LPG Cylinders.

Almost 4,500 tons of garbage is been accumulated in one day in Chennai alone. 200 Municipal Corporations in India accumulates 1 lakh tons of Garbage in a day.

1 day = 1 Lakh ton Garbage = 40 lakh kg Methane = 2 lakh LPG Cylinders.

By exploration in 44 places all around the country and it intends to produce 1 Billion Kg of Methane. Instead, if it makes an effective system for this solid waste management, it can easily produce 1.5 Billion Kg of Methane per Year. Also, we can produce 90 Lakh Tonnes of organic manures from the remaining garbage, which can be used to convert 45 lakh acres of wasteland into an agricultural field.

Method was explained by Prem Anand Sethurajan, an Engineer by profession in his recent viral video “We support Hydrocarbon Extraction”


Economically this method may be costlier and tedious but when it comes to Environment it will reduce Global Warming and also make good livelihood to farmers

As Mahatma Gandhi said instead of doing mass production, we can make production by the masses, for our vast population and rural farmers we can make some good things

By this method, Urban pollution will reduce, which in turn reduces the indirect health cost to the Govt

In all aspects, this would be the best process, provided government is a real ‘Public Welfare Government


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